Kingswood Stats

Name: Kingswood College
Location: Peradeniya Road, Kandy.
Founded: 4th May, 1891.
Historically known as: Boys’ High School (1891-1898).
Motto: Fide et Virtute (Loyalty and Manliness).
Colours: Maroon and Navy Blue
Court of Arms: Rising Sun, Wings, Shield and Cross.
Founder: Louis Edmund Blaze (BA, MBE).
Houses: Eton, Rugby, Harrow, Winchester.

Current Categorization: National School.
Student Strength: 3500 approx.
Academic Strength: 180 approx.

Kingswood College has a legacy of being a multi-national and pluralistic school with a keen focus on both academic and extra-curricular activity. It began as a Private School under the aegis of Louis Edmund Blaze, a Dutch Burgher educationist, and was later brought under a Board of the Methodist Mission (1894). Kingswood was adopted by the Department of Education following the nationalization of public entities in the 1950s, and was upgraded to the status of a National School in the 1990s. Kingswood is reputedly known for its rugby, boxing and hockey. In recent years, its academic performances have peaked at the top of examination lists in the district. It holds its classes in English and Sinhala. Classes are held upto GCE Advanced Level, in all main study streams.

Kingswood is considered the first Ceylonese school to adopt rugby (1891) and one of the first schools to enlist in the National Cadet Corps (1891). It is also a pioneer member of the boy scout movement. Kingswood (in 1902) became the first boy school to enlist a lady teacher among its ranks. Its current student activities and societies cover a broad spectrum from Photography to Paranormal Science.


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