About Kingswood

Kingswood College Kandy was established on 4th May 1891, as the Boys’ High School in Pavillion Street, Kandy. The idea was to introduce a “school by its own”, upholding its own traditions, being a beacon in education. This was a desire of the founder, the eminent educationist, Louis Edmund Blaze, who had been juggling with the idea for several years. Blaze, as a young man of 30 and having returned from Lahore after a brief stint there, established his school with 11 students. The name “Kingswood” was proposed in 1898, after the famous English school in Bath. The college was moved to Randles Hill in 1925, after that premises was donated to Blaze’s cause by Sir John Randles in 1922.

My relation with Kingswood began in 1990, when I entered the Year 1C class as a 6 year old stripling. Kingswood has since been my breeding ground for 13 years; until I graduated from those halls to enter university in 2004. They say that one enters Kingswood; and doesn’t really leave it till the end of his days. Exaggerated as it may sound, Kingswood still matters and calls me in many ways. Be it in the little ways with which I connect with the extra-events or in the spirit with which I keep track of the school developments (or, as the case may be, degradation) the vibe caused by being a part of that establishment is resonant and alive.

Those who know Kingswood — they know their Kingswood. Those who don’t — well, one may only wish them hope.

The Kingswood Song:

The Main Red Brick Building upon Entrance:


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    1. yh bro chk all da articles in this blog .. i gt to knw a huge amount of things from this blog .. amazed to see wht kigswood really matters

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