Own Goal

kck football

Heartiest congratulations to Kingswood for winning the ‘B’ Division (Division II) championship at the Under 19 level. By no means is this an achievement that can be written off, as Kingswood soccer has, for a long time, been in the sidelines; and is now making a fresh break at a competitive level.

However, our concern is not with the team’s great achievement, but the banner. This banner, first of all, is misleading. It quite clearly implies that Kingswood has won the “All Island Championship”, which — by default — implies the ‘A’ Division (or, Division I). This is not the case. With the current win, Kingswood will be promoted to Division I. This, in other words, is the banner they should have put if they won Division I next year.

By this banner, whoever put this is misleading the school as well as the society. It may even appear that Kingswood is trying to claim a glory that is definitely not theirs.

If, this is indeed a “Division II” win, the next question is: should this banner be put here in the first place? Kingswood Matters, as you may have noticed, is against hanging banners in the fences of the school. The school’s fence is not there to display banners, but should be respected as the outer boundary of the school. Achievements, we believe, should be recognized and appreciated in a silent, noble way; and not by making tamashas out of them.

Even if you want to REALLY celebrate a victory by putting a flag, you ought to choose the victory carefully: a “Division II” win, or a Junior Level achievement at Music is not worthy enough achievements to litter the front yard of the school. You simply lower the prestige of the school and pull it down to the level of a school without taste or a sense of dignity.

kck music

Several lessons to learn: one — be truthful and accurate in what you proclaim. Then, second — learn to celebrate in a decent, silent, noble, humble way. Third — prioratize what you celebrate. Don’t put up a banner for winning a “B Division” prize, or a music event at Under 14. Kingswood has won hundreds and hundreds of such events in its hundred and twenty years. Do not boast of anything underneath the very topmost best. Even when you achieve the top — don’t boast.


One thought on “Own Goal

  1. Even if Kingswood win Rugby League 2016 (let’s wish that to happen) this type of cheap banners should not appear on the fence of a prestigious school like ours. These are good for schools that struggle to show the society of their existence. Kingswood has its unique stature displayed for over a century.

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