School Calls Well Meaning Old Boys

“Country or school may call,
Play the game forward all” The Kingswood Song.

A few months ago, we cautioned that Kingswood has arrived at the most crucial juncture of its history. With overnight transfers to nearly 50 teachers and with a new Principal coming in, Kingswood’s foundation was tested as never before. Among the problems we saw are the following:

1) The removal of 50 senior teachers interrupts the transmission of the Kingswood culture and traditions to the incoming teacher cadre.

2) Kingswood having a number of unique rituals and traditions would require a person some time to study and anlyze them. The removal of the entire top tier of the teacher population blocks a smooth transition of the traditions and culture.

3) The Old Boys (who know and value school traditions) not being closely involved with school.

Today, 10 months later, the consequences of the fears we had are still valid. Only that some of the school students and (older) teachers find that Kingswood is placed in a very tricky tight-rope; with no walking back. We hear stories of internal disunions and disgareements in the staffroom and among the top admin chairs. We hear of little “factions” operating in isolation, not being able to cooperate to the larger unity of the school welfare. We hear of teachers not knowing of the school traditions, coming up with their own ideas of what Kingswood “should be”, parading around.

When we, in January, analysed Kingswood — our alma mater of 123 years — to be placed in the most decisive spot it has been since the government takeover in 1958, we spoke to some of the responsible Old Boys who hold influential positions in the legit Old Boys Body. We tabled our fears and anxieties in person and thoroughly analyzed the situation for their benefit. We beseech them, the situation has not remedied yet. There are serious measures to be enforced, and as the loyal Union of Blaze’s open-minded school of yore, its Union needs to pay close heed to how matters develop from here.


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