Visitors from the UK

by Our Special Writer

We were at the airport on the 21st of May 2014 eagerly waiting for the arrival of our important guests Mrs. Alison Perkins, the Head Teacher of Dronfield Stonelow Junior School and her husband Mark. They were delighted to be here because of the pleasant warm weather and the friendly atmosphere.

Thursday, the 22nd was a big day for the boys of Kingswood because of our visitors from the UK. They were most graciously welcomed by the Kandyan Dancers with small children waving the Sri Lankan flag and the Union Jack on either sides of the road. A small bride and a groom were stationed at the door to welcome them highlighting the prestigious Sri Lankan culture.

10275932_10152129776546009_8732361481410837831_nThe event was named “Sri Lanka, a Prestigious Culture” which was fascinating and enthralling at the same time. It started off with a lovely welcome speech by the Secretary of the English Literary Association and proceeded to the lighting of the traditional oil lamp. Afterwards an amazing video of Sri Lanka and Kingswood College, Kandy was played as an introduction to our culture.

The attire plays a significant role in the Sri Lankan culture, therefore the children were garbed in the dresses of several ethnic groups and they described their clothing to the audience. The visitors were then able to see some photographs and paintings done by the boys of Kingswood. Another item was the woodcarving segment which was really captivating.

Food is yet another important aspect of our culture; thus, our teachers demonstrated how to make kokis and unduwel. It was fun to watch them make and eat them on the spot. I think our visitors enjoyed the sweets very much. The food corner, too, was an impressive segment of today’s event. There were food items representing all the ethnic groups and the children described each and every one of them.

At the end of the event, sharing her thoughts, Mrs. Perkins stated that it was a job well done.


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