London Gazette Report On Those Granted OBE Status in 1929: Includes the Name of L.E Blaze.

z_fea1In 1929, Louis Edmund Blaze was honoured by the British Crown, inducting him as a member of the Order of the British Empire (OBE). This comes under the five-fold division created in 1917, through which members and servants of the Crown and the Commonwealth are recognized and honoured for their services. Of the five categories, those inducted into the top two levels are granted “knighthoods”.

Contrary to the belief of some persons, Louis Blaze does not have a knighthood — as he was merely an OBE conferred citizen of the British Commonwealth. We have come across instances where we have heard/seen some students/old boys wrongfully refering to the late Blaze as “Sir L.E. Blaze”. This stands to be corrected.

Blaze’s name is found in a list of names publicized through the “London Gazette” of 3rd June 1929. A scanned, pdf version of this Gazette page can be found attached in the following link. Blaze’s name is the 7th name from the bottom on the column on the left: data


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