Kingswoodians On Rambukwella

Following are some comments and replies left for us by some Kingswood boys (mainly Past Boys) who had read our submission titled “The Last lesson of Rambukwella” (published in June 2013). The full article could be read at .

Amila Gamage:

“Mr. Rambukwella is the best principal I have seen in my Kingswood life from 1992 to 2000. The service given by our Vice Principal Mr. H.K Upasena is [equally] great”.

Chaminda Karunarathne (Senior Prefect, 1992): 

“I was well fortunate enough to be the Head Prefect of the school, during 1991-1992, post centenary year, under his guidance. He was a legendary master of discipline with a farsighted vision. I still stand on many principles which he believes.He deserves the title, Head Master for ever”.

T.A Miskin (Former Cricketer, 1991):

“I was with him for about 3 years in the school and I can still remember before every match we played he used to wish us and in the end of the speech he used to say to us “play up, play up, play up the game”. A great gentleman principal [at] our mother Kingswood. Long life, Sir!!!”

Surath Liyanage (Former Cricketer, 1995):

“Mr Rambukwell was one of the best principals who served at KCK . Mr Rambukwella encouraged and supported every sport at the school, not only Rugby. From 1990 – 1996 our sportsmen did well in every sport . I still remember his favourite quote “Whatever you do , do it properly ”. Actually, this quote [was] carved into my brain and it helped me to achieve many things in my life . Thank you sir , may the triple gem bless you!!!”

Pradeepa Senanayake (Past Interactor):

“I was at grade 3 or 4 when Mr.Rambukwella guided Kingswood. Even though I know very less about his reign I know enough about the standards the school maintained at that time”.

M. Shanaz (Past Interactor):

“I think for me he was the best Principal that we ever had (1985-1996). He was a great man. I always looked up to him. He made sure that all the Gentleman of Kingswood, were well maintained up to the standard in everything. He encouraged everyone to excel in everything. I felt helpless after he left my beloved College. It was heartbreaking. I still do remember his words…He is a mentor.. I salute Mr. Rambukwella-the greatest”.

Ranil De Silva (Senior Prefect, 1995):

“I must confess that it was Mr. Rambukwella [who] was the mere reason behind for stripping off the silver and gold from my chest and [it] was also him who put them back. It has been my greatest 2 years of my 14 year long college life..His way of managing the already set discipline to much higher standards was the most important practice for him. The clean white dress with the College tie everyday took us a while to spot [him] among the naughty boys around and honestly, it was quite deceiving…Hats off to you SIR! we really miss a Principal like you!”

Indika Wilegoda (President, Arts Society, 2002):

“I can still imagine [as] he was standing under the nelli tree. what a personality and what a proud man when he was standing infront of us!!! He [had] a Heart of Oak. I still respect Mr Rabukwella”

David Edirisinghe (Past President, Kingswood Union):

“He is the Great principal who got me to design and build the Balcony to the college hall and named it after L.E Blaze. Mr. Nihal Herath started this venture by getting my advice to extend the stage to accommodate the staff as it was designed for a few. They were honest at all their dealings and maintained the spirit of Kingswood. No one could point out the finger at them for anything. Please remember the[m] who laid the foundation for the new Kigswood grounds in 1994 when I was the President of the OBA and for getting officials from the Sri Lanka Cricket Board such as T.B Kehelgamuwa & Ranjith Fernando. Both Names must be recorded in the History Of Kingswood, [while] not forgetting Mr Rambukwella [published] the second edition of the KFE book”.


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