Kingswood Primary Links With Stonelow School, UK.

Kingswood is now a partner of the “Connecting Classrooms” global initiative, funded by the British Council. The Primary section of Kingswod college is currently connected with a UK school, Stonelow Junior School, in Derbyshire. The partnership was inaugurated in 2010 when members of the staff from Stonelow Junior school visited Kingswood College, Kandy.

Stonelow students being treated to a "Kingswood wrap up"
Stonelow students being treated to a “Kingswood wrap up”

This initial step was followed by exchanges between the two institutes when, in May 2011, a member of Stonelow made a further visit to Kingswood. Later, the same year, a teacher from Kingswood College returned the visit to Stonelow School. A second visit was made in June 2013.

The exchange is oriented at enhancing the teacher-student experience, and a linkage between the students  at Kingswood and Stonelow has now been set up, with the shuttling of work, letters and emails and through displays of photographs and other cultural impressions.

It is encouraging to see Kingswood linking up with the Global Community and such initiatives being introduced to the studentship at a very young age. Between 2011-2013, the Kingswood Primary has shared in the “international spirit” by the way of charity, cultural celebration and in generating awareness of festivals and events.

We learn that in March 2013, Kingswood College was awarded the International School Award 2013-16 and was accredited for  “Outstanding Development” related to the “Inter-National Dimension in the Curriculum”.


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